Flow is a state between satisfaction and euphoria, induced by giving oneself to a certain activity completely. According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi the flow can be translated as a word describing

a state of mind in which one can be completely focused on

a given task and the pleasure is drawn from the process of performing the task itself. People who exprience euphoria often define this state as being „carried by the wave” or „floating on the water”. Double channel video projection extracts an important detail from under the layer of daily routine in its very first scene and then, without anxiety, takes off into unknown. It's a sensual, mesmerizing story in which following the water is the main theme. Full of meanings, can be read in many ways. One of the clues could be the fact that in slavonic beliefs a humming water showing up in a dream is a sign of a weary wanderer coming into your house.

Double channel projection designed for a corner space.