Laboratory of Living Sentiments


Video installation Laboratory of Living Sentiments is a three-channel work at a juncture of video and animation. It concerns a love story which pushed a then young girl towards an extraordinary experiment. A white rose, received from her beloved, has been perpetuated in such a manner that it can never fade. The author of the experiment says: “I didn’t want to dry it, I like living sentiments.” And goes on to provide a simple recipe for a chemical potion, with which an object is to be suffused. The incredible, yet true story provokes an avalanche of questions related to passing, the end of particular stages of biological like and our desire to preserve them.



MeetFactory, Prague, CZ

25. 6. - 30. 7. 2019 

Curator > Zofia Małysa-Janczy


Photos > MeetFactory > Tomas Soucek and Magdalena Lazar


The installation is a part of a PhD project "Broad Daylight, All Night" / Pedagogical University of Cracow, Art Department