S O M E T H I N G   R E M A I N E D  


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The installation entitiled Something Remained was inspired by the story of the electrician Allan Cavinder. Just after the war between the Turks and Greeks, he was asked to repair the air-conditioning system in a hotel in the deslolate city of Varosha –previously a vibrant tourist destination. Cavinder walked the city’s streets alone, searching for fragments of the old system in the sands, that would be a testimony of the city’s former glory. In the hotel halls he steped through sand dunes. He was alone, surrounded by silence. This silence, as he later described in a letter to his wife, made his ears hurt.

In my installation I wanted to highlight the notion of emptiness. One walked into a darkened room. There was sand underfoot. Only after a while did the light turn on. The ventilators were provided by a motion sensor.